Sport Category


The sport began in 1936, and has been a mainstream activity ever since. Heroes usually flock to this category, with promising rookies every season.
The rules are simple, you have 1 minute to shoot from the three pointer mark with no interference!
Make as many shots as you can, but don’t be fooled, nobody said the basket itself won't move!
During Fever Mode the basket widens, making shots extremely easy!


Also derived from warfare, archery has long been a traditional sporting competition. This modern bow modified to produce ‘moving energy’ is incredibly steady!
Players have 1 minute to hit the target as many times as possible, for excitement, the target itself will move! Fever Mode reduces the time to release arrows, blast away!


One of the most popular sport on the planet, hit the ball and reach home plate to score.
However, now you only have to do the batting!
An AI robot will be pitching all types of change-ups, curveballs, and fastballs to test your coordination and reflex!
Try to hit the ball where the balloons are to score high points!


No one thought this pin striking casual sport will make its way into the big stage, but its additional has certainly increase the number of female Heroes participating.
Aim to get strikes after strikes or even a Turkey! Fever Mode increases the number of pins to 50!