Frequently Asked Question

  • Q.Login problem (Loading error, crashes)
    A.Please confirm the following:
    1.Confirm your internet connection, phone signals, airplane mode.
    2.If this is your first time launching the game, please check if you have enough memory space for the update required.
    3.Confirm if you are logged into iOS game center / Android users confirm if you are logged into your Google Play account, otherwise you will proceed as a 「guest」 account.
    4.If there are no special annoucements and you cannot login into the game, please contact us via our Facebook page or email our support team:
    E-mail: ltsglcs@9splay.com
  • Q.How to bind accounts
    A.Benefits of binding accounts with Game Center / Google Play:
    1.Saves your game data and progress, in case you delete the app or want to switch devices.
    2.Transfer data between different operating system. However, iOS accounts may only switch to Android devices once (IE: Android -> iOS -> Android)
    3.Use In-App-Purchases, if you experience any issues you may also contact support team.
  • Q.Guest and Regular accounts?
    A.To enjoy the functions above, please bind your accounts. If your account is not bound you will play under a 「guest」 account. 「Guest」 accounts may not use In-App-Purchases in order to protect your consumer rights, also, 「guest」 account's game data is deleted when you remove the app from your phone.
  • Q.Why use Facebook login?
    A.You may login with Facebook during your first login, or in the Friends Invite interface.
    You may invite your friends from your Facebook after login.
    Enjoy functions like invite rewards, stamina gifting, challenge friends, and friend leaderboards.
  • Q.I can't buy In-App-Purchases
    A.First check if you are logged into Game Center / Google Play account, then close and restart the app. If you are still unable to use In-App-Purchases, please contact our support team and provide your account details, we apologize for the inconvenience:
    E-mail: ltsglcs@9splay.com
  • Q.How to buy In-App-Purchases
    A.You may pay via your mobile telecommunications bill or with a credit card.
  • Q.Didn't receive my In-App-Purchase items
    A.If you did not receive your IAP items or diamonds, please confirm:
    ※Check if you are logged into Game Center / Google Play before purchasing
    1. Wait for 2 minutes, check your mail if your haven’t received your items.
    2. Restart the game, then go to the IAP screen, check if you have received your items or diamonds.
    3. If your issue remains, please provide the following information to our support team, we will respond as soon as possible!
    E-mail: ltscs@9splay.com
    1. ID Number (Go to Settings via the bottom right icon in the main screen>ID number located near the center, eg: 132405_1032)
    2. Proof of IAP transaction (You should receive a IAP transaction email from Apple/Google, please provide a screenshot)
    3. Time and Value of In-App-Purchase.
  • Q.How to switch languages?
    A.When you launch the game, system will automatically detect your device's language.
    If you wish to change the language, you may go to language settings on the upper right screen.
  • Q.Switching my country
    A.Go to the upper right corner of the main screen to select your country!
  • Q.Supported devices
    A.This app supports a wide variety of mobile devices, please make sure your device operating system has the latest updates. If you experience issues such as crashes, delays, or freezes, please close other apps operating in the background. If your problem persists, please contact us with your device model and the version of your operating system at:
    E-mail: ltsglcs@9splay.com
  • Q.Where can I find a play guide?
    A.Follow us by liking our Facebook page! Game guides and tips are constantly updated!
  • Q.Main gameplay modes?
    A.You may choose from the various game modes based on your preferences: Compete with players from around the world in Ranked matches, familiarize yourself with each sport in Challenge matches, and use Friendly matches to set your own terms, including bet rewards and player number!
  • Q.How to get Gold to upgrade character?
    A.Gold coins can be easily obtained by simply playing the game. You earn gold based on your score after completing any sporting category. Gold may also be earned by inviting friends, participating in events, and opening supply boxes!
  • Q.What are supply boxes?
    A.You may receive supply boxes when you win matches, supply boxes contain player ID, equipments, large amounts of gold and crystals!
  • Q.Why should I level up?
    A.Increase your account level to unlock new unique characters, you will only receive player IDs from supply boxes when you have unlocked the character.
  • Q.Sharing/Bragging rewards
    A.You can brag/share your results when you level up or surpass people in rankings, you also earn Gift Points that can be exchanged for goods when you share results!
  • Q.How to improve characters?
    A.Each character has their unique abilities, obtain player IDs from supply boxes to level up character specialty.
  • Q.How to improve my Scores?
    A.There isn’t a single best method for reaching high scores, you can choose to play casually or compete with friends. Once you spend some time playing, you’ll realize there are many mechanical skills you can master to improve your scores. Use of special characters, items, equipment, and companions can also give you a boost!
  • Q.I want to report players for cheating!
    A.Please confirm the following:
    1.Provide the suspected player’s name, country, reason, and time range.
    2.Describe the cheating method, best with screenshots/video for reference.
    3.If the issue is related to ranking manipulation, sudden exponential score increase, or currency/resource exploit, please contact our support team via email:
    E-mail: ltsglcs@9splay.com
  • Q.I want to provide feedbacks for Pocket Sport!
    A.Thank you for enjoying our game and showing support, if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to email our team. We take all user suggestions very seriously and continue to look for ways to improve your experience!