This is the most stylistic casual sport game on mobile!
Play basketball, bowling, baseball, archery and much more within 1 minute!
Invite your friends can compete with each other!
Strive for the peak, claim the title of 『Energy Master』!

World Match


In the near future, our highly developed civilization is facing a worldwide shortage in energy resources. With the threat of looming world war, a group of ocean scavengers uncovered a new type of energy ore, changing the course of history.

The ore has a mysterious green glow, and can transform human movements into energy, greatly changing our way of life. To more effectively utilize the energy, high-technology 『Green Energy Control Devices』were created, resulting in great advances in the field of medicine, manufacturing, academia, military, and even sports. The United Nations signed the 『Green Energy Control Device Act』to support and promote the competition between athletes, or more commonly called 『Heroes』, whom are able to control the energy from these devices. These events are the height of athletic achievements, since the amount of Energy Ore granted for each country is decided based on their representative Heroes' rankings - with the top Hero gaining the title of 『Energy Master』. This is a fight for honor and country!

    Game features

    You can play this game casually, or you can compete with others in the biggest leagues. Win gold and supply boxes with high scores, unlock new heroes as you level up!

    Multiple sporting categories

    The sporting committee has picked popular sports around the world, including basketball, bowling, baseball, and archery. Currently there are 4 categories with more being added in the near future!

    Sport Heroes with unique characteristics

    Heroes are unique people with special abilities, they can bend space to create extra time, earn bonus scores, increase gold gain, and even start the game in Fever mode! It is also important to invest in Heroes by purchasing equipment and upgrading their stats with Player IDs!

    Free social rewards

    Earn rewards when you share results or invite friends! The more you share the better your rewards, you can also challenge your friends to a match!

    World Match

    Ratings Match

    This is where you compete with players from around the world to showoff your skills!
    The goal is to achieve victory in a random sporting category to increase your『Ratings』, and advance your『Tier Level』.
    『Tourney Tier Level』is a sign of your skill level, something to be admired by others while also earning better rewards!
    Start your journey now to become the Energy Master!

    Challenge Match

    Still a little unfamiliar with the rules? Don't worry, come try your hands in Challenge Matches!
    You can choose your own sporting category in Challenge Match, and the system will match you against a player of similar skill.
    If you win, you will earn 1 to 3 PK coins!
    You will earn a Challenge Match supply box when you collect 10 PK coins!
    Come train and earn resources now~

    Friendly Match

    Don't want to play solo? Bring your friends into the world of Pocket Sports now!
    Create your own match and choose your favorite sport!
    Spice it up by betting Gold! Be the best among your friends!